Saturday, February 27, 2016

No pledge allowed but you must recite the Quran?

Most schools have banned the pledge of allegiance because of the words "under god". Heaven forbid we risk offending someone by saying words that don't agree with their religion, right? Fine, we can get beyond that.

This is what I cannot get past. How in the hell is it acceptable to ban a parent from school grounds for objecting to his child being forced to learn and recite muslim doctrine? We won't allow god to be mentioned and don't think about bringing a bible to school but we sure want you to know about what the muslims are doing in their lives.

This school should be ashamed of forcing this on the students. I don't blame the dad at all and if they refuse to let him attend gradation, I'd sue the shit out of them. Heck, I might sue anyway for making my child complete schoolwork of this nature. Keep religion to yourself and don't try to claim it's history related. You can teach religion without making the students learn and recite their beliefs like this.

Get your shit together, America!

While I do think Donald Trump goes overboard & is far more outspoken than the rest, I have to agree with a lot of what he says. Luckily, there are other options that have similar feelings but the question I have they have the guts to follow through if elected.

Yes, there are Trump supporters that I wouldn't trust to take care of a turtle for an hour but I think a lot of folks feel like he's the only hope to beat the Dems and make sure this world doesn't turn into a circus run by folks that just want to give out participation trophies.

The anti-bullying campaigns have not only focused on stopping bullying but they've turned our kids into weak minded simpletons that feel they are bullied any time someone disagrees with them. We need strong leadership that won't backpedal once in office and turn this country around so we aren't the laughing stock of the world.

Other countries used to look at us like we had our shit together. People wanted to come here for a better life. Now, people want to come here because they know we are pansies that won't stand up for our own laws and stop all the horrendous acts being perpetrated by foreigners and even our own citizens.

We spend so much time fighting amongst ourselves we will never be able to join together and save our country when the shit hits the fan...and it will happen. We're under the highest security threat alert since 9/11. Make no mistake, they are coming. Hell, most of them are already here and we have to stand up, stop being babies and defend ourselves.

Stop teaching your children that mediocrity is ok. Stop accepting differing opinions as racism or discrimination. Stop blaming the past of others on your own failures today.

Get your shit together, America.

No hate crime against whites?

Let me be clear, I don't believe there should be such as thing as a "hate crime". A crime is a crime and the punishment should be the same, no matter why you committed it. That being said, this story specifically says this is not a hate crime so I have to ask...

If the allegations these black women made had been true you can bet your ass the white folks would have been charged with hare crimes. Why is it not considered a hate crime for black people to falsely accuse a white person of racially motivated attacks and it not be considered racially motivated?

The racial issue was started by these black women when they made the 911 call. Their claims were deemed unfounded due to multiple witness testimonies and video footage. Clearly their false claims were motivated by race. Why the double standard?

This is why people don't take the BLM movement seriously and why I don't trust all the claims of harassment and discrimination. Too many reports that turn out to be false. Stop sabotaging yourselves, black people. All this discrimination and segregation that you're batching about is brought on by your own horrid behavior and lies.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

All Lives...are racist??

Based on some recent posts, I'd say it's more like "BLACK LIVES ARE RACIST"

As we've all seen, the world is filled with entitled brats that want everything for free and can't handle the stress of a world where everyone doesn't love and adore them. Similarly entitled is the BLM movement and their folks that cry racism at being excluded. Unfortunately, their tactics of attempting to exclude others to gain inclusion is pretty much a bust.

It's hypocritical to accuse white people of not letting you join their club and then form your own and refuse to allow white people in. That's a pretty childish move and makes it impossible for people to take you or your cause seriously.

In this article, we find out that saying "all lives matter" is now considered racist. Wow, I'd like to know when they changed the definition of the term racist because that's not what it meant when I was growing up.

This young woman goes on to claim that white people couldn't possibly understand what it's like to grow up where people hate you or to struggle, be exposed to crime, etc. Hmmmm, let's think about that...shall we?

- Based on a good number of the self posted videos I see from predominately black neighborhoods, you folks act like a bunch of violent thugs with no regard for human life. You think watching 4 people beat the hell out of one lone person is funny and you'd rather record it than step in to help.

- There are always people in this world that are going to hate you for one reason or another. If they are not physically harming you in some way...why the hell do you care? Get over it.

- When things don't go your way, work for change. Rioting, looting and destroying your own city just reinforces the stereotype that you're all a bunch of low life punks that don't deserve our respect. You want to be treated differently? Act differently. Take the proper steps to make change, even if you don't agree with the it and then you can try to change that process. Breaking the law is not the answer.

- This woman claims black people are getting shot in the streets. Well, since the majority of those shootings are black on black crime, I think you're going to have to work that out for yourselves.

- Blacks are not being rounded up and thrown in prison. Well, it may seem that way since a disproportionately large percentage of blacks are convicted of crimes. Want to know how to fix that? STOP.BREAKING.THE.LAW!!!

Now, since it's pretty clear to see that the folks in the BLM movement, and their supporters, are their own worst enemy...when can we get back to normal life and stop fighting among ourselves? When will you stop blaming other people for your failures in life? When will you take responsibility for your own life and realize that it's not fair and that's the way it'll always be. GET OVER IT!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No, white people are not afraid of black people taking over

I love when people say that white folks are afraid of what blacks folks could do if they unite. Um, I don't see that ever happening and here's my response.

We're not afraid of black people uniting because you never will. Too many of you spend most of your lives fighting with each other and expecting a handout because of something that happened way before any of us were born. The world doesn't owe you anything. You have to work for it just like everyone else...oh, unless you're black because then you can take advantage of the NAACP, United Negro College Fund and hundreds of other organizations that are focused only on people of color.

You have so many opportunities to get ahead in the world, yet so many people refuse to try. Until we can stop the entitlement and get people to understand that life isn't fair or free, the racial divide will never close. And just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm racist. Just because I'm sick of black people threatening legal action, or violence, when they feel offended or held back doesn't make me racist.

You hold yourselves back by choosing to continue in this life of violence & poor decisions. You can have a better life but don't expect it to be handed to you. Every other race in the US works to achieve their dreams. Why should you be any different? And don't yell slavery...nobody alive today ever was a slave or owned slaves so get over the past and make your own future.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's not's rules!

For fucks sake! Now the school is racist because they won't allow the black girls to ignore the dress code?

You're in high school & there's a dress code. They may accommodate for religious reasons but you don't get special treatment for cultural reasons. You can express yourself after school hours...on your own time.

High school is practice for real life. Dress codes exist everywhere. You can't show up to work in some sort of head scar if the dress code says they aren't allowed. It's not racist, it's the rules.

You're not being "denied the right" to embrace your culture. You're in high school. You really have no rights. That's the way it is. Suck it up!

Welcome to real life. It owes you nothing. You are not entitled to ignore the rules.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I used to enjoy black history month

But the entitlement generation of today has ruined that for me.

I used to enjoy hearing about the history of the world and what happened to bring us to where we are today...but then I see videos like this and I think "who the hell do you think you are?".

MTV decided to show us what would happen if there was no black history month. What they actually did was make it appear that the world would be nothing without black people. Um, yeah...that's a good way to get white people to take your grievances seriously. Tell us we're nothing without you...even though the folks complaining the most have contributed the least.

Pretty far stretch to say there wouldn't be any technological or medical advances if it hadn't been for black people. No country music without black people? No colorful and "exciting" clothes? If your plan was to drive a deeper wedge between whites & blacks, you've done it.

Comments on the video range from support to indifference to accusations. Sadly, the white folks that are voicing their support are being attacked because they either need to stop trying to appropriate the black culture or they just don't understand what black people go through. Say what? People are trying to support your cause and all you can do is try to make them feel guilty for things they had nothing to do with?

Responses like this, which make up the majority of the comments I see, make me lose all respect for people that claim racism & discrimination. Why is it always the black people that are oppressed by white people? You think singling us out and stereotyping us into one group isn't racist? It is and stop trying to say it's not. Everyone can experience racism. That's not a term exclusive to black people.

You segregate yourselves by creating mass numbers of black only organizations. When an organization only allows white members, that's racist but you don't think it's the same when the colors are turned around? Wrong! It's no different. Well, except that a white organization will eventually be forced to allow all races or they'll be sued and shut down. That never happens with black organizations. Explain how that's not racist?

If you want change, then work for it. Go to college. Become a member of a party that can change education materials. Make laws to ensure fair treatment. Stop the hatred and violent protests against people that had nothing to do with where your life is right now. You are responsible for your life. Not your parents, teachers, friends, the government. You may face challenges with those entities but they do not define you. You make your choices and whining about how nobody understands you and life isn't fair will get you nothing.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Defensive gun use stats that surprise noone

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the LA Times is posting a biased article that does nothing to hide their irrational fear of gun rights and gun owners.

In this article from June they claim that defensive gun use isn't as high as 2A supporters claim. What they fail to take into account are all the defensive guns uses that are not reported, because it doesn't suit the agenda of most of the liberal media outlets.

Times when criminals failed to commit a crime simply because a gun was present. Times when criminals didn't even attempt to commit the crime because they knew, or assumed, the occupants of the home or store would be armed.

This is why the majority of gun crimes are committed in gun free zones. Criminals aren't stupid. They aren't going to attempt to victimize people that can fight back. Maybe why they don't attack gyms or places where people could easily overpower their cowardly selves.

No matter how many gun crimes are committed you will never convince me that disarming the public will stop, or even reduce, this. Criminals don't follow laws so they will continue to do what they do, obtain guns by any means necessary, and commit these crimes. If you take away our right to defend ourselves, the only thing you'll increase is the # of victims and deaths.

Stop blaming the NRA. Stop claiming they condone this illegal activity. Stop saying they are blaming the victims for not being armed.

When we day "if someone had been armed, the victim count might have been lower"... That is fact.