Friday, April 29, 2016

The bathroom drama continues

A Facebook post from an unknown source is being shared online that says it's stupid to worry about a pedophile being in the bathroom with your daughter because they've been in the bathroom with your sons and you've never been worried about that.

False... They still can't grasp why people are against this. I don't give 2 $hits about a legit transgendered person using the bathroom of the gender they identify with. They are less than 1% of the population and the chances of anyone being in the bathroom with them is small.

Now, everyone read carefully:
Those against allowing this wide open bathroom policy are concerned about the legal ramifications that will arise when these pedophiles, who are not trans, are caught doing nefarious things in the bathroom of the opposite sex.

*There are more sexual predators than trans people. This law only helps those offenders find a legal way out of prosecution.

*Don't pretend this "fake" transgendered situation isn't happening. IT IS HAPPENING! Get your head out of the sand.

*The stores don't have a clear definition of what they are allowing. In recent videos some target employees stated it was OK for a man, dressed as a man, to use the women's bathroom, no questions asked. That's not what was intended when this mess was started.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We get it! You're different! Get over yourself!

I'm all for being proud of who you are but why is everyone so hellbent on flaunting everything to the point of being obnoxious? And why is it ok to announce you're proud to be certain things but not others?

Gay people walk around in flamboyant attire with rainbows and such with verbiage on their shirts that announce to the world that they are, in fact, gay but get upset when people don't want to interact with them.

Black people flaunt it by chanting black lives matter and reacting to injustice with riots, violence and threats but get pissed when people call them thugs.

If a white person wears a shirt that says proud to be white or speaks out for the rights of anyone, they'd be labeled racist. Or, radical Christian Republicans.

Everyone claims they want to be treated the same...but they don't. People want to be treated better than everyone else because they feel they deserve it more.

Let me just lay it out now... Nobody is better than anyone else based on the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. You become better than others by being a better person, educating yourself, being sympathetic to others and not forcing your beliefs on others.

What many of these folks don't realize is that they had way more respect from others before they ever started demanding it. The methods used are offensive, in many cases, and trampling on the rights of others is no way to exercise yours.

We get it. You're "different"! We all are in some way and we all face some sort of discrimination in our lives. Your constant demand for attention to the slights you experience only make people dislike you more.

Learn to advocate like adults and not spoiled brats that didn't get a chance to play in the sandbox.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stop helping the predators

Haley Power had this to say on facebook.

I shared a bathroom with a transgender woman today. I had my 3 babies, a duffel sized diaper bag, 2 dirty diapers and 0 patience. I also had 0 handguns and my husband, a voting republican, was certainly not there. Do you know what ghastly things happened to me? She handed me my wipes when I dropped them off the table. She had the audacity to smile at me and tell me that my children are beautiful. Then she proceeded to act all nonchalant and walk in a stall to do her business. Crazy right! You know what didn't happen? I didn't get molested! I wasn't grabbed inappropriately, and I actually didn't feel scared! Using a bathroom at a gas station with no door makes me feel scared. Using a bathroom at a drive in movie theatre puts me in a compromising situation. Using the bathroom with a transgender woman (who has been victimized the better part of her life I am sure!) who APOLOGIZED TO ME FOR POTENTIALLY MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE didn't scare me at all, though? I have cried for her, to her, and about her all afternoon. People! Your wives and daughters aren't safe in a public restroom as it is! If you believe that criminals obey the law, then I am certain you're voting to abolish guns for the protection of your family, too? Right? Wait.... Use your common sense, stay alert, and be so cautious of your surroundings, but especially of your words. If you put your hate out into the world, it might just turn around and be your little boy who decides that he is a woman one day. Stop the hate!

My response is this: It's not the transgendered folks you have to be afraid of. It's those pretending to be, and there have been several stories of this happening. Will a law protect them from prosecution? Until someone can tell me how to tell them apart, I'm not going to be in favor of this.

I want to know what transgendered people were doing before the law. I'd imagine they were using whatever bathroom reflects the gender they identify with and nobody was the wiser. I'd like to know why this has become such a hot topic all of the sudden? The trangender population is tiny (less than 1% I believe) compared to the overall US population so I find it hard to believe that many trans people are even having issues with this.

Yes, criminals break laws so let's not make laws in their favor when they decide to prey upon us.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ladies, let's learn some self respect

It sickens me that so many people have commented on this post  that girls should be able to dress how they want and the problem is that men need to be taught to control themselves? Seriously?

Yes, men have a responsibility to control their own urges and they should be taught to respect girls, women and other people. That being said, what do you expect to go through a man's head when faced with a female in a very skimpy or revealing outfit? Girls need to be taught SELF respect and stop dressing so provocatively.

If a man is a rapist, he's going to attack, no matter what you're wearing but seeing a woman dressed in a "scandalous" fashion could be the trigger that makes them attack. You don't it worth your life, or your daughter's, because you think showing all your assets is attractive?

Not to mention that the article talks about school aged children. They have no business dressing with any skin showing while at school. It's a place to learn, not spring break. We've fallen so far from respectability because we want everyone to have freedom of expression. Well, all I can see are millions of kids expressing their desire to look like classless hookers.

You can't regulate human decency

It disgusts me that we are still fighting about the right to refuse service at a privately owned business. I can't believe we still have to even discuss things like this.

1st as a customer, why would you want to patronize a business that doesn't "like" you? There are plenty of other places to get services.

2nd as a business owner, why would you want to turn away a paying customer? Their beliefs aren't making you change yours so what's the problem?

3rd as a business owner I feel you should have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason unless you're a non-profit or government funded. You have the right to go elsewhere as a consumer as well.

It's ridiculous that we have to pass laws to protect one group of people while infringing on the rights of others. You can't regulate common courtesy of the human race. We've lost so much of our humanity that we may never recover any decency.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Transgender Bathrooms, Give me a break

It's pretty sad that we need a law that says which bathroom people can use. I'd be willing to bet a good number of people, at least females, have been in a public restroom at the same time as a transgendered person and never even knew it.

Transgendered people want to be treated the same and be allowed to use the same bathrooms based on the gender they identify with...what bathroom were they using before? I'd imagine they used the bathroom associated with the gender for which they identify and nobody was the wiser. Why is this now a problem?

Who brought this all out in the open and started all the ruckus? If you want to be treated the same, then you need to stop drawing attention to what you perceive as bias against you. Most people wouldn't even know you're transgendered unless you tell them, or you're one that's super flamboyant but...that's your own issue to deal with, right?

I'm sure things have been fine up to this point but now that you want to make a law to protect trans people from discrimination you're opening the door to a whole herd of sexual predators that will use this as a way to gain access to more victims, some of them children. Is that really what you want?

How are we to know the difference between a legit trans person and a sexual predator? Are you willing to take your safety for granted and just take their word for it? I'm not saying the trans community would do this...I'm saying the sex offender community will...for sure! Passing this law will only make it easier for them to get away with it and harder for us to prosecute them for it.

Ben & Jerry's offends family...with ice cream!

In this weeks edition of offended by everything, a family is concerned about the name of a new ice cream from Ben & Jerry's called Hazed & Confused. Clearly they are the ones confused if they don't get the cultural reference to the movie but, let's move on.

They feel the name is offensive because they lost their son to hazing and they think the name is insensitive to families like themselves that have lost loved ones to hazing.

Um, what's offensive is that you are wasting time complaining about a word on an ice cream carton when you should be working toward getting changes made on college campuses to stop hazing all together.

Losing your son was a horrible experience that should have never happened but being threatened by a word on an ice cream carton is ridiculous. If you don't have any more backbone than that, I'd be embarrassed to be part of your family.

My body, my choice

I'm getting a little tired of hearing this feminist chant in regard to medical regulations that would limit abortions in certain situations. Yes, it's your body but once you get pregnant, you are now responsible for the body of a person that is not capable of making decisions for themselves. You don't want people telling you what to do with your body, why do you get to decide whether or not this new person lives or dies?

There are absolutely reasons that an abortion may be justified but your failure to use appropriate birth control or the failure of that birth control in general isn't really one of them. If you're not able to care for a child but there's no medical reason why you couldn't go through with the pregnancy, have the child and put it up for adoption. There are many families that would love to care for your child and give it a chance at life.

The all or nothing stance that it's my body so you don't have a right to tell me what to do is ridiculous. Once a new person begins, you lose a little bit of those rights so just stop the argument.

That being said, pharmacists shouldn't have the right to refuse to fill a prescription just because they don't agree with it. The patient and their doctor have arranged a plan. The pharmacist doesn't know why the woman is having the procedure and it's none of their business. The refusal in this story crosses the line.