Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ethnic Halloween costumes make me racist?

Wow, so I apparently opened up a huge can of worms by saying that I didn't think ethnic halloween costumes were racist as long as the wearer wasn't portraying the character in a demeaning light. If you want to see more, go to the Ask A Manager page. My comment is the 2nd on this post and I'm being attacked in a mass number of posts after. I was even called a "smug twit"! LOL

I love the post that basically calls me a racist for being accepting of the situation. People can stretch anything to make a scandal and I'm so sick of all the intolerance. I knew there were people that had strong opinions and probably wouldn't agree but I had no idea that they all read this Ask A Manager blog!

I guess if we want to be fair then we should not allow "non-white" people to buy costumes that portray white people as that could be considered "reverse racism". And what the heck is reverse racism anyway? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
There are always going to be people that hate you based on your race, sex, education, etc. Who cares? Let them hate, that is their problem and unless they act on it, it has nothing to do with you directly.
Stop giving power to those that want to be hate mongers, including the folks that felt the need to attack me for posting my opinion, which is what the website owner asked for.
Freedom of speech, but only if you agree with what the majority of the public think, eh?
Well, that's not how I live so if you don't like my opinion...move on! I'm not hurting you, I'm not defaming anyone and I'm not speaking ill of any other person, race or gender. Get over yourselves and find something to do that will actually benefit the world...instead of spreading more hate.

Friday, September 20, 2013

New downtown hotel would save The Centre?

Marsha Abell says that not opening a new downtown hotel would cause The Centre to close down. We already have 2 other hotels downtown and there's not that much happening down there. I don't see how they can blame The Centre shut down on the hotel. Maybe they should plan some better events for The Centre so it's used more often, and for local events.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Driving in the "ghetto"

Josh and I like to drive around town, listening to the radio and people watching. He recently asked why we always drive around in the "ghetto".

I always thought it was because it's the neighborhood where I grew up so it was familiar but I now realize that it's also because it makes me feel better about myself. Not that I'm better than anyone that lives there now but I feel like I've moved up, slightly, and am in a better place.

When we drive around other neighborhoods I get depressed because I feel like those people have done so much better in life and are more successful. That might not be the case but that is my perception and it makes me feel like a failure to drive by nice homes that I know I will never be able to afford.

Insecurities suck and I'm trying to deal with them but I have to acknowledge the weakness before I can overcome it.

Can we go back in time?

When I listen to the 80'd & 90's stations on Sirius satellite radio I'm transported back to the good old days. The days that I would have classified as "hell" at the time but would kill to relive now. Why do we never realize what we have until it's gone?

Things were so much simpler then. We rode bikes, played outside and the sun going down was our reminder to come home. We weren't absorbed by our electronics, or even the TV, because we knew our neighbors and we played together.

We played flashlight tag, basketball & took time to swing at the playground. We ran through cornfields, caught fireflies & collected locust shells.

Other parents watched out for your kids and you didn't have to worry about tracking your child's whereabouts via an app on their smartphone.

We've come so far but have we gone overboard? We've become so dependent on electronics and we no longer enjoy the world around us.

I wish we could go back and enjoy life again.

Friday, September 13, 2013

My cat is crazy

Just came home to find the cat, Monster, banging his head on the bedroom door in an attempt to get out. Immediately following each thump on the door I heard a meow that actually sounded more like a human "Ow". I wish I could get a decent recording because it's kind of eery and super creepy.

It's really too bad I can't trust him to stay off the counters and Sweetie to stay out of the litter box when I'm gone. If they'd behave, I wouldn't have to put them on "lock down" so much.

May have to give up coffee...

3 times this week I have dozed off and spilled hot coffee...in my lap. That's definitely one way to wake yourself up but it's not really recommended. It's also bad for the furniture...thank goodness we have a (fake) leather couch.

I just can't help it and the coffee doesn't really help you wake me up, I just like to drink it. It's my time to relax, watch some TV and drink a hot beverage before the day starts. Too bad my mind won't stay awake long enough to finish one cup at a time.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'll just start wearing a wetsuit to drink coffee.