Friday, March 31, 2017

Boston University Professor Teaching Hatred?

So, this Boston University professor has taken to twitter to tell the world that the problems of the school are caused by white people.
Her tweets make it clear to me that she has no business being in a position with influence over the minds of students. She should never be allowed to teach anywhere with her hate mongering attitude.
This is what is wrong with America. Too many liberal professors forcing their opinions on our kids who are, quite frankly, not yet smart enough to form their own intelligent thoughts.
And, yes, I know these are college kids. I stand by my statement. Most are not smart enough to be on their own yet due to the horrendous job being done by the public schools in parts of the country.

Taste the rainbow...who didn't see that coming?

So, Skittles, which is a rainbow candy by default, thought making an all white version would be a good idea. Now, many fruit candy makers have made single colored versions of their candy in the past but I have to wonder and the thought process behind this marketing scheme. They made an all white version to pride?

That's an effort to support to LGTB (or whatever the acronym is now) folks, they created a limited edition package that are all white. The world is having a field day with this (clearly) racist display by a company whose product supports "the cause" on a daily basis by default.

I'm guessing the outcome would have been the same regardless of the color chosen, since we are a world full of perpetually offended pansies that want nothing more than to find something offensive in every aspect of life.

Red?  Nope, that would be offensive to native americans.
Yellow? Nope, the asians would be pissed.
Black? Um, are you fucking kidding me?
Pink? I'm sure all the feminists would accuse them of appropriating their pussy hat culture.
Green? Maybe, but the aliens in their UFO's would be down here protesting that one.

Sorry skittles...your intentions were good but that doesn't matter to the easily offended that make up so much of our population these days. I'd be happy to test out those all white versions for you, if you'd like to send me some free coupons or samples. I'm not a bigot when it comes to my candy...sweet and sugary is all I need...I'm color blind!