Saturday, June 27, 2015

I don't care if you're offended

People are offended that folks are using the Confederate flag to promote ideas that were not part of the original "plan" the answer is to remove it from existence and pretend that part of history never existed.

People are angry that they can't always get their way so they stomp on the American flag...and we arrest those who oppose this action. Saying it's their right to express themselves in that manner.

Tell me how this isn't hypocritical.

Pretty sure there are laws protecting the American flag and giving specific details of how it is to be treated but you want to take away the right to display a flag that represents a time in history because someone is offended by it?

Will we change/ban the American flag next because some folks don't like?

I don't care if you're offended by something. If it's not physically harming you then why does it matter? We waste so much time on trivial bull because we don't want to offend people.

Welcome to life!

You're going to be offended, hated, discriminated against...shit happens. Grow up & move on!

Yeah, I'm jealous!

I know I should be happy that we have a place to live and income to pay the bills but I'm really struggling to get out of this funk because it seems like everyone else has such a great life...and I don't.

Ever since I got laid off about 5 years ago, things have gone downhill. It took 9 months to find a job and my severance ran out before that so I was overextended on all my credit cards and never could catch up. Had to file for bankruptcy but I still don't feel like I'm ever going to get ahead...even working 2 jobs.

On top of the financial stress of being a single mom, my son has turned into one of those kids that I swore I'd never raise. He's selfish & lazy and insists on breaking every rule he can. Unfortunately, at 17 1/2 it's too late to "raise him right" so I'm constantly stressed about him.

Add in the fact that I'm not satisfied with either of my jobs & you may understand why I have fallen into a state of depression. It always seems like everyone else has something to celebrate when all I have are regrets. I know they say your attitude determines how happy your life will be buts it's pretty hard to be happy and upbeat when you feel like you're getting knocked down every step of the way. 1 step forward, 4 steps back.

I try not to get jealous of what my friends have but it's so hard to be happy for them when I can't even get a fraction of the joy that they seem to find in life. They have rewarding jobs. Children that did well in school & are driven to succeed. Decent homes, families & friends. I feel like I have none of that. My constant state of worry over my son, finances and mental state have given me ulcers & many sleepless nights.

I'm at the end of my rope & don't know where to go next.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The BIG move to a little space

Today begins the BIG move to our new, "enhanced" office. A few going today, the rest on Monday. I visited the site last night and I can say it's not quite as bad as I'd imagined but it's definitely about 10 steps down from where we are now. My starting cubicle at CMC was way better than these things.

They're bringing in food for us today. I imagine because they think that'll soften the blow but they have no idea just how upsetting this is to most of us.

It's as if they are saying that we aren't even important enough to get a real desk. We have room for the basics and that's about it. Barely any room for even a photo of your family.

Seriously, they look like something you'd see in a call center in India...just about 1ft wider. There is no privacy so I don't know how they expect us to be productive, make calls, deal with customers, etc when there is another rep close enough to rub elbows with.

And, the windows we were all so excited about are a total joke. They are about 2ft wide & 4ft high and tinted so the amount of actual light getting through is minimal. Oh, and there are only a few of them. They made it out as if there were walls of windows. #AllLies

I sure hope they don't try to make a huge celebration out of this because it's definitely not the upgrade they kept promising.