Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another offended entitlement brat

I'm sick of saying this...

Rules are made for a reason. If you break them, there are consequences. Just because you think they are dumb or were enacted for a stupid reason, doesn't make you exempt from them.

I'm not sure what is more annoying, the girl that originally posted the whiny crap on facebook or the numerous folks supporting her rule breaking in the comments.

Rules are part of life. You start to learn that in school and if you pull some stunt like this in the adult world, you'll be fired, arrested, etc.

This entitlement generation has to be stopped.

I could be the next Tamir Rice

Well, if you're a kid that plays with real looking toy guns in a public park and doesn't know better than to reach for the gun  when police arrive? Yeah, I guess you could be.

Thought this kid had more common sense. Apparently not based in this article.

Parents, please teach your children better. He's right about one thing, this has to stop but it starts with stopping the stupidity and entitlement our citizens display on a daily basis.

The white, conservative, christian terrorists

As we've all heard, Sweet Cakes bakery was fined over $100,000 for mental anguish that they supposedly caused a lesbian couple when they refused to make their wedding cake. They were apparently so consumed by mental anguish that they were unable to even call any of the 40+ other bakeries in the Portland, OR area. Why, there's even a link to that expansive list on the Sweet Cakes bakery home page. How nice of them to assist someone that needs some help finding a bakery to make their wedding cake.

Unfortunately, none of this mattered to Rachel Cryer or Laurel Bowman. These are the 2 "ladies" that decided to sue Sweet Cakes because they refused to make them a wedding cake. Now, wouldn't you think most people would just turn around, leave and go elsewhere to place their order? Apparently, these 2 ladies are just too damn stupid to realize there are other bakeries in the world that would be happy to take their business. Typically, businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I guess that's not true in Oregon. If you have a privately owned business, the government still gets to tell you how to run it. Sad, really...

While having a law to protect equality for people seems nice on the surface, it merely gives individuals protection from perceived discrimination while taking all protection away from private business owners. Not everyone is going to agree with the lifestyle you live. Why is it ok to force what you believe on someone else?

I understand that the lesbian couple wasn't forcing the bakery to participate in a gay relationship but they were attempting to force them to support it my demanding they make a cake for their gay wedding. This may seem like a stupid point to be arguing about, and it is, but this couple made this mountain out of a molehill by pursuing this ridiculous lawsuit. It became even worse when the court sided in favor of the lesbian couple.

In other news, the lesbian couple claims they "only wanted an apology". Yeah, we can tell since you demanded the lawsuit and the money. I'm sure they aren't going to donate it to charity to prove they aren't money hungry leeches but...that's none of my business, I guess. Their claims that they thought they were filing a BBB complaint and didn't know it was the department of justice website is either bull shit or just proves that they are the 2 dumbest idiots on the face of the planet.

We've become so concerned with offending those that are different that the folks that are still following the original ways of the founding fathers are treated as criminals. When will it stop? Heaven forbid you are a white, christian, conservative in the US today. You're held in more contempt than the gang bangers that run around killing each other for fun. I'm sure in many areas their idea of a terrorist looks just like the pictures below.

White, Conservative, Christian = Terrorist

This has to stop. We've taken tolerance to a whole new level and it's as extreme as these terrorist religions that are trying to kill us. Not everyone will like your lifestyle choices or agree with you. That doesn't mean they don't respect you or even like you. You can't always get your way. Get over it. Welcome to being an adult.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Give a girl a break

So, the world is pissed that Hillary Clinton was late getting back to the debate. The number of minutes between the live segments varies, depending on who you ask. I've heard 2 minutes. I've heard 7 minutes. Regardless, that's not a lot of time to go to the bathroom.

Let me say that I don't like Hillary and will not be voting for her and I'm sure many other folks feel the same. But that does not excuse the way some people talk about each other today. Yes, she's put herself in the spotlight but she's still human.

Now the story is out that she refused to use a bathroom where someone else was already doing their business. Perhaps she has stomach issues and didn't want to display them for the other person to hear. I think my comment on the Allen West story was right on but some of the idiots that replied are clearly a little too passionate about their hatred for Hillary and they've lost all sense of humanity.

Guess the little winking emoji wasn't clear enough for these folks to tell I was semi-joking. Man, these folks are crazy!

So she was late...are you her doctor? Do you know her medical history? Should a little tummy trouble or IBS be reason to keep someone out of office? If she'd been late because she ran to starbucks, that's one thing. She was using the bathroom. Until they figure out how to turn that switch on and off, people need to get off their high horses and STFU.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Freezing your ass off doesn't create awareness

I have no problem with people that want to help others. In fact, I wish there were more people that could/would do it. I wish I could do more but it's difficult to do when you aren't fully motivated at times. I admit that I don't do as much to help others as I could. Partially because I don't always have the financial means, partly because I don't really know quite where to start. Mostly because there's always that little part of me that believes my help would be shunned or unappreciated. I know, sounds dumb but that thought is always there in my mind.

This guy let a homeless man live in his house while the homeowner stays in a tent in the freezing cold to raise awareness of the homeless situation. You know, I'm all for raising awareness but here are my concerns with this...

1. He's in the freezing cold, risking his health
2. If it's that cold, not many people will even be out to see him
3. If they are out, the aren't going to want to stop and talk in the cold
4. Does he really think they are going to be any more aware of him than the actual homeless guy?

Maybe go to some organizations that help the homeless and get some information to pass around to people he knows. Educate people on what it's like and how they can help. But don't just sit around risking your own life...how can you be of any help to the homeless if you're dead.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I can't say this enough

Why don't strict gun laws reduce crime? Simple answer? Because criminals don't obey the laws. They know there will be less resistance in areas with stricter laws and gun free zones so they choose those areas as their targets. Gives them more time to commit their crime before anyone can stop them.

California already has some of the strictest gun laws in place but that didn't stop the mass murder in San Bernardino. Why? Because criminals do not obey laws. They will obtain their weapons by any means necessary.

Until the database used for background checks is inclusive of all police stations across the US, we can never be fully sure that someone that passes a check is "legit". I'm sure there's a backlog of reports that would disqualify people from purchasing a gun but that information isn't in the database used for background checks.

Until the databases that the president wants to use for background checks (terror watch list) are cleaned up and have legitimate criteria for additions, we can't be sure that people won't be failed or passed when they shouldn't be. The terror watch list has all sorts of folks in it that make no sense. And it takes an act of God to get removed.

We need to do a better job of addressing mental health issues and fully vetting any refugees that want to come here. Have better programs in place to help people with mental health issues so they don't become domestic terrorists.

Just as important, we need to stop allowing these immigrants to change how the US works. They are forcing their lifestyle on our communities and overtaking our world. If they thought America was so great, why are they trying to change it? If you don't like the way America is and works, go back to where you came from. We must stop catering to these people. Stop pandering to these extremists that care nothing for our way of life.