Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Personal Responsibility Is Key

Far too often these days, I find celebrities that are liberals voting for Hillary. Now, I am all for people having the right to vote for who they want and have no issue with some debate about why our views differ. What I do have issue with is those that refuse to accept the facts of the situation.

A little girl begged the city council to stop black people from getting shot. Yvette Nicole Brown posted that video on Instagram and got the following feedback.

While it's a bit of an over generalization...he's not wrong. In almost every case where a person of any race was shot/killed by police the details that emerged after the fact were quite damning. The "victims" are lifelong criminals, they were refusing to cooperate, they displayed a weapon, they attacked police. I cannot abide these folks that will not take responsibility for their own actions.

I particularly despise people that take the side of the criminals when they are killed for engaging in this sort of risky or illegal behavior (see below).

If you expect to see a change in your community, you have to first start with the people inside that community. Stop the black on black crime that is killing way more of your people than the cops are. Why are you more outraged about a criminal being killed by a cop than you are about an innocent mother and child being gunned down for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in their own neighborhood?

It's clear that black lives only matter if it helps them claim racism by the police. Such a farce that movement has become. Nobody takes you jokers seriously. You will never stop violence by creating more violence. Especially when your retaliation is against people that had nothing to do with the original (perceived) offense.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

When the facts don't support your outrage

A 13 year old boy was shot and killed by police. Many will stop right there and scream racism, police brutality & plan their protests accordingly.

What we don't have right now are all the facts. Here's what we "know" based on the current media and police reports, which is nearly identical to the initial findings of all police involved shootings. More often than not, these are also the final findings of the investigation but people will continue to deny any research that doesn't support their narrative.

1. The young man was walking with 2 other friends that met the description of armed robbery suspects.

2. When the police approached, this young man ran.

3. He then pulled a gun from the waist of his pants. It was later found to be a bb gun that looks almost identical to what the police use.

Here is where this scenario went wrong.

1. If you are not guilty of some crime, why do you run?

2. Do not ever pull a weapon on the police unless you are prepared to die.

3. One of the 3 boys was arrested. Don't hang around with people that commit crimes and you'll be less likely to be targeted by the police.

I've seen comments that the suspects were 6'3" and this boy wasn't. I can't find any reports to support this statement.

Someone posted that he was shot in the back. Reports indicate the officer shot him several times and if he was turning & falling at the time, it's possible a shot hit his back. We shall find out once the investigation is done.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Men & Women are NOT equal

While I feel women should be given equal opportunities I don't feel the rules should be bent to allow them to qualify for certain positions. In the military there are specific qualifications for a keep everyone safe...if you're not "man enough" to pass the existing tests, we shouldn't have to dumb it down for you.

Britain's claims to have their first female on the front lines but this guy is not a woman at this point so I'm not counting him as a female on the front line.

Wanting to be the opposite gender isn't sick or disgusting but I wouldn't want to trust my life to someone that is experimenting with their health (hormone therapy, et) in the midst of deployment.

There are just some jobs that are better suited to one gender or the other. It's not sexist, it's just fact.