Thursday, September 10, 2015

I just want a chance

After a recent disappointment I've been rethinking my plan for the rest of my life. What the hell do I want to do until I die? I don't know the answer to that question and that's a problem.

I've never had a clear career goal in mind but I've learned over the years that I'm happiest at work when I can investigate and fix things. So, where does that put me? Unfortunately, the positions that would allow me to do that at my current company (apparently) require a degree. I can't even get a courtesy interview even though I feel I could do what is listed in the job description if given the chance.

It's so frustrating to work for a company that doesn't seem to be willing to take a chance on you when your last employer almost always did. It's hard to feel pride in your job when you never get any recognition for anything that you do and you're overlooked for special projects in favor of 2 or 3 of the boss's favorites. I was able to ignore these practices until they decided to promote some folks internally and I know who their top 2 are, and I don't feel they are qualified to hold a supervisory position.

I'm also very upset with myself for not realizing that I needed to be that "fake" character during my interview to advance to the next level. It's sad to say that but I really feel like the first round of interviews was nothing more than a personality contest...which I'm never good at. I've never been good at bragging on myself but you have to be able to do that, without going overboard, in an interview. I think I've only ever been through 3 or 4 job interviews in my life and I've never gotten very good at it.

It's time I step up my game and get more involved so they know what I'm capable of. Instead of holding back my ideas and suggestions because I'm not really in a position to implement them, I'm going to start telling them how I feel things could be done differently to make things better, more efficient, easier. Showing them that I have the experience & ideas to make things happen.

I have to make them realize that they made a mistake when they didn't choose me for the position because I. CAN. DO. IT! In the meantime, I'll be looking internally & externally for other opportunities that will allow me to utilize my experience & skills...and make more money, of course. 😀

At some point, I may need to look into an online degree program to get some sort of diploma on my resume...since that appears to be one hurdle that some employers just can't get over. Actually had a recruiter tell me that I had the experience but since I didn't have any "education" I wasn't really in the running...and they never called me again.

It's so frustrating that experience seems to be a curse these days. They want new graduates with no experience so they can pay them less and mold them into whatever they want. I'm willing to learn new things but I can also offer feedback from my experiences and history that could be beneficial to the company. Just give me a chance.

I'm in the middle of having too much experience and not enough education so most places won't touch me with a 10 foot pole. I'm going to have to step up my game and get my life/career back on track.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Most hated interview tactics

I hate interviews. More than anything else in this world. I'd rather be boiled in oil than have to go through them on a consistent basis. People that change jobs a lot or go through numerous interviews are some strong, crazy, people.

I hate them because I dislike talking about myself. I can tell you stories about things in my life all day long but don't ask me to try to brag about myself. If that's what you want to hear, you'll be disappointed. I just can't do it. I dislike people that are so full of themselves and it's hard for me to get past the fact that it sounds like you're a self centered jerk when you go on and on about your accomplishments.

Some of my least favorite questions include:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why are you the best candidate?
3. What's your biggest accomplishment?

Ask me about my previous experience. Ask me about what I'd like to do in the position. Ask me what my ideas are for the future of the department. Don't worry about what I think of myself. Find out what benefit I think I can bring to the job/company!

I guess it's better to lie

Recently had an interview for a position that I have several years of experience in. Initial rounds were done by HR, so they could get a feel for each applicant from an outsiders perspective. I was relatively confident that I'd at least make it to round 2 since I had experience.

Today, I was advised that I wouldn't be moving forward for the following reasons:

1. My responses to the interview questions were some times sarcastic, making it appear I had a negative attitude about the company. While they didn't want me to change my personality, I should try not to be so sarcastic going forward.

2. When asked about my biggest accomplishment, I responded that we were not given the opportunity to do extra projects in our group and that was deemed as a lack of pride in my current position.

So, basically I should pretend to be someone I'm not to get the job and then do whatever I want once I'm in the position? I could take that to mean that I was too honest and real and they wanted people that are more sheep-like and submissive. I might just take that as a compliment. I've never wanted to be a follower.

I would be so mad if I hired someone based on an interview filled with lies and then found out later they were someone totally different. Oh well, I guess this situation (among other things) makes it abundantly clear that I will never go anywhere in this company and I need to start looking outside if I ever want to get out of here.