Saturday, January 14, 2017

Give the guy a chance

I am so sick of the "tolerant" liberals that cannot get it through their heads that Trump is going to be president. Anyone that dares to even speak with him, in an effort to improve relations in the country, is deemed a traitor. The problem with our country now is these anti-Trump folks that just can't move on.

Plenty of us were not happy when Obama was elected, twice. We lived through it. You'll survive Trump. Let's all grow up and stop acting like we're under communist law. All of the "facts" that are being passed around as gospel are no such thing but the libs have grabbed hold of them and won't let go.

His planned trip to the african american history museum is deemed a publicity stunt and his meeting with Steve Harvey was a photo op. Ok, let's just ignore all the black folks he dealt with way before he ever had any plans to run for president. Let's ignore the fact that he bought a white's only country club in Florida and changed the rules to allow all races.

Let's forget all that and focus on his criticism of Obama and the way he ran his presidency. I believe Hillary did the same damn thing when she ran against him. But, it's ok for her to do it because she's part of the same party, right?

Liberals will be the death of this country and all it stands for. They will kill us with political correctness. They will destroy morality, common sense and common decency. They continue to divide us by throwing around the race card at every turn. It has to stop.

I'd love to move all the conservatives to another country and leave the liberals here to kill each other off. It would be an amazing reality show to watch from afar.