Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Has racism gotten worse under Obama?


Steve Harvey has a panel of folks discussing this topic and you clearly see which side each person is on. Steve tries to remain neutral but gives himself away very early on.

One comment on this video says "racism hasn't gotten worse but racial tension has".  I think that's a good way of putting it.

Racism has always existed and that will never change. People are humans and many of them are intolerant bigots so racism will never go away. What has gotten worse is just how quickly people are to throw the race card into the mix.

So many blacks are "outraged" by a black man being shot by a cop during the act of an arrest or traffic stop yet they refuse to acknowledge that they are killing each other at a rate much higher than any police related deaths.

They claim black lives matter, as if they are the only ones that do, and seek to silence anyone that would dare to speak out against this terroristic organization. They refuse to acknowledge the facts & crime statistics and take responsibility for the criminal acts of their own people. No matter what happens when an officer involved shooting occurs they blame white cops, as is evident by the # of attacks on police officers.

They believe the criminals killed by police were innocent and deserved to live yet they condone the killing of police officers that had nothing to do with any of it. Their hypocritical ways make it impossible for any sane person to take them seriously and those that know the facts, wouldn't support them either.

What the BLM supporters fail to comprehend is that their methods are an utter disregard for human life and personal property. Nothing gives you the right to vandalize the property of those in your own communities. Even worse is the most recent call to "burn down the suburbs" by the sister of a man that was shot by police. Clearly a racist call to kill white people as retribution for what she perceived as a wrong.

Bottom line, don't blame the cops because your friend or family member was involved in something illegal and then got himself shot for being an idiot.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

So, this woman named Korryn Gaines was shot and killed by police in Baltimore. Her 5 year old son was wounded in the process.

Was this another act of police brutality? I'm gonna say no. She actively participated in an armed stand off with police and refused to cooperate. What the hell did she think was going to happen?

Her son is better off without her brainwashing. She's locked in her apartment telling this poor child that the police were there to murder them. Who the hell does this?


Saturday, August 6, 2016

I don't want to understand your daily struggle

I'm not surprised when blacks claim whites have no understanding of what they go through because we haven't lived it.

In a way, they are right.

I wasn't raised to be disrespectful to authority, therefore, I've never been treated like scum by police.

I wasn't raised around gangs and drugs and crime, therefore, I've not been in a situation that caused the police to profile me as a criminal at first sight.

I wasn't raised to believe I had the right to do whatever I want without consequence, therefore, I've never participated in a violent protest, or looted, or destroyed an innocent persons property because I felt an injustice had occurred.

I wasn't raised to believe that actions by others would determine my future, therefore, I got a job at 14 and made my own money, earned my own way and took responsibility for my own failures & successes along the way.

I WAS raised to be kind and considerate of others, therefore, I've never claimed that my life mattered more than someone else's.

I have made choices in my life that led me where I am today. They haven't all been good and I regret some of them but they made me who I am. Nobody else did that. It was me. I grew up in a questionable neighborhood. There were opportunities for me to go a completely different path. I didn't. I chose better.

If deciding not to be a victim and make a better life for myself means I have white privilege in your eyes, so be it. I'd prefer to call it "common sense privilege" because I had the common sense to avoid situations that could put me in a bad place.

Yes, white people may never understand what (some) black people experience on a daily basis. But that's because we had the common sense to choose a better path. If you don't want your children to be in gangs or turn to a life of crime, you have to change that when they are young. They have to choose a new path as they grow up.

Stop blaming white people because you can't get your shit together. Feel discriminated on the job hunt? Blame your fellow brothers and sisters that have shown such a poor image of black people to the world that employers are afraid to hire you.

Don't want to be profiled by the police? Tell your people to stop attacking them, threatening them and being complete assholes when they encounter police. They don't trust you because they don't know which of you are OK and which are out to get them. Kind of the same as you blaming all cops for the actions of a few, right?

I wouldn't want to deal with what some black folks encounter on a daily basis, because it would mean playing the victim, risking my life just because I thought I was better than someone else, and being a generally rude obnoxious human being.

I chose a different path. You can too. Stop blaming others for your lack of success. You make your way and if you don't, you're just another entitled loser using race as a crutch to excuse your horrible behavior.