Monday, March 11, 2013

Maybe the prosecutor was right...

During the trial to find out if Josh could come home or go back to juvenile detention the prosecutor said they might as well just let him go home so his mother could ruin his life. I really feel like he was right. Josh has gone downhill ever since he came home. He's refusing to do anything that I ask, he won't clean up after himself and now he's refusing to go to the doctor or the dentist today! He won't do his school work and we don't want him to go back to school. I'm really wishing I could call the judge and tell them I was wrong and that he needs to be locked up. Clearly, he has no respect for me or himself and nothing I do is working. I'm seriously about to ship him to Colorado and let his dad deal with it. I've put up with this crap for long enough, let him have a turn at it. If I wasn't sure that he would end up even worse I might do it...heck, I might do it anyway! I'm sick of the fighting and if he doesn't want to live by any sort of rules, I'm pretty much done with his lazy ass!

What to do?

Josh's court cases were all closed and he's no longer on probation. I got all the stuff lined out to homeschool him til next year and now he wants to go back to school. I just don't know what to do. Having him stay home all day is doing nothing but make him bored & obnoxious but I don't want to end up back in the system again. I think I'll call the principal and set up a meeting to see what he thinks.

Parenting sucks!