Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deep thoughts at a funeral

It's no surprise that death makes you think about your own mortality. Sitting at my aunts funeral I began to think about my own funeral. It's only natural to think of such things at a time like this, right?

I just wondered, what would my family plan to "honor" my life? Would they pick flattering pictures of my life or just whatever they had available? I hate having my picture taken so there aren't many good shots of me out there.

Would they have a pastor come, quote bible verses and pray? Right now, I don't think I would want that. I'm at a point in my life where I'm not on the believers train. I'm not sure what I believe but I think a christian funeral might be a little awkward right now.

Will friends and family get up and talk about funny things I did, or how I impacted their life while I was alive? Then I wonder, have a really done anything worthy of such a speech? Maybe nobody will be able to think of anything good to say other than I was a hard worker. I guess that might be enough for some people but, it makes me think about what else I haven't done with my life so far.

I really need to start doing something worthwhile with my life...before it's too late and I don't even have enough of a life to fill up my obituary!

Love this idea for a headstone!