Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holiday Time Sucks

I used to love Christmas. Buying gifts, putting up decorations, festivities. Not this year. Funny how things change when you don't have any money.

The tree wouldn't even be up if I hadn't been too lazy to take it down last year.

This is the first year that there won't be any gifts under the tree. No surprises in the stockings. No joy on Christmas morning.

Just another day of the year where I'll be sitting at home doing nothing.

I got myself into this mess because of my own actions but it's super frustrating to be in a financial hole with no way out. I used to be able to buy gifts for family and still have money to donate to those without any gifts for Christmas. This year, we will be the ones with no Christmas.

I can barely afford to buy food, how can I justify spending money on non-essential items? I thought being an adult would be easier by now.

I'm 41 with 2 grown adults mooching off me, soon to have a grandchild that I'll have to support because nobody else can get a job. I don't know how we're going to do it.

I will never be able to move from this tiny 2 bedroom rental. I will never be able to take a vacation. I will never be able to retire. I've already had the best it'll be and that wasn't that great.

I hate the holidays and all the happiness that everyone else seems to enjoy.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Is the end really coming?

I'm not a religious person and I cannot stand people that claim victims "got what they deserved" because they held a certain belief. That being said...I have to speculate if someone is trying to tell California something.

They decriminalize knowingly passing HIV to another person and threaten prison time for addressing someone by the wrong their state is on fire.

I'm just saying...maybe there is a higher power at hand that is sick and tired of the b.s. this state is participating in.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

You are not free from the consequences of your actions

The NBA has announced that all players must stand for the anthem. Opponents are crying because that violates their first amendment rights.

I say, they are at a paying job and need to learn to follow rules while on the job. They are free to kneel, if they wish. But the boss is also free to fire them for not following instructions.

Yes, we ARE sick of the protests

Let me just say that I don't think it's necessarily white people that are against all this protesting's conservatives....who happen to be primarily white.

What this writer fails to realize is that we've come to a point in society where so many liberals are protesting so much crap that a protest doesn't mean anything anymore.

A good portion of these "protestors" do nothing to help their cause. They are violent, aggressive and hateful. And when you attempt to ask them what they are protesting, they can't give you a straight answer.

Protests seem to be the "cool" thing to do and a large portion of the country is sick & tired of hearing about garbage that isn't true.

Trump is a fascist!
All conservatives are racist!
All cops are bad!

Just stop it!

Ever since the democrats lost they've been hell bent on tearing our country apart. The media will twist the truth so much that it starts more protests yet the folks attending don't even know what they are protesting against.

They blame Trump for everything, especially the racial divide but groups like black lives matter have done nothing put increase the division that Obama started during his terms at President.

If you really want to make a difference then do something other than take a knee or clash with other protestors that have different views.

We are sick of the whining about inequality. We are sick of your demands for safe spaces, special treatment and reparations. We are sick of it. We are all Americans so how about you stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and do something important?

We don't take you seriously anymore because all your protesting & whining has done nothing but cause more divide and anger in the country.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

How should we treat rioters?

It seems a weekly occurrence that we see reports of protestors turning violent and attacking innocent people somewhere in the US. Liberals are quick to blame conservatives and vice versa but when you get down to it, the majority of the instigators are liberals. Those that demand free speech for themselves but attack anyone else asserting their rights with different beliefs.

I think a new federal law should be enacted that says "If you are caught in a protest or riot attacking another person, especially a police officer, you will be shot on site." No attempt to negotiate, no pepper spray, no stun guns. Straight up shot to the head if you're caught participating in this sort of stupidity.

Just me?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's the president's fault

A white supremacist group held a permitted protest against the removal of a historical statue in Charlottesville. Counter protestors showed up, armed with sticks, rocks balloons filled with urine. The mayor told the police to stand down so the leftists started attacking. Then the mayor called off the permitted protest, which had been peaceful, and demanded the people leave.

All hell broke loose and some idiot decides to drive his car through the crowds, killing 1 and injuring more.

The left blames Trump and is slamming him for saying the bigotry & hatred must stop from "many sides". Apparently, his failure to specifically call out the perpetrators is a reason for impeachment but they had no such concerns when Obama failed to condemn the actions of the black lives matter movement.

If you look at the facts, from eye witnesses at the scene, it's obvious that both sides were involved but the reports indicate the violence was started by the left. That's what the media failed to tell us. What they refuse to acknowledge. Because that doesn't fit their narrative that Trump supporters are the violent ones.

If Trump is responsible for the actions of this one lunatic that drove through the crowd, then Obama is equally responsible for the violence instigated by BLM, the violence against Trump supporters, the attacks on police, etc.

People are responsible for their own actions. Stop blaming the president for the stupidity of others.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Does Change.Org really have a purpose?

So, the newest Change.Org campaign is to get people to protest in an effort to get Trump to release his tax returns.

1. His tax returns before he was president are really none of our damn business.

2. If there was any proof he was doing anything illegal, the IRS would be all over him

3. Will seeing his returns actually "change" anything? What difference does it make?

If you really want to make change in our country you might start by helping out the homeless, veterans, your own cities. Walking around with some poorly worded signs will do nothing but show the world, once again, how truly clueless you people are.

Shannon "The Clueless Wonder" Watts

For all their claims of wanting gun sense, they sure are opposed to common sense ideas. I fail to comprehend how teaching kids about gun safety is considered a bad idea.

I would think that, since their attempts to ban guns entirely has failed, they'd accept that teaching people how to properly handle a gun is a good idea. Apparently, it's all or nothing with these folks. They want to completely disarm those that are legal gun owners so we have no way to protect ourselves against those that care nothing about the laws and obtain guns illegally.

It's really scary that these people are allowed to reproduce and raise children. Lord help our future with these people still breathing and exercising their 1st amendment rights.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Teaching our kids how the terrorists feel

PBS has come out with a series to teach high school kids how the terrorists feel. It includes interviews with failed suicide bombers, recruiters, etc.


We should be teaching our kids that terrorists are the enemy and we should stop them at all costs. Not make them concerned about how hard their lives are and that we should feel bad for them.

There is a time and place for empathy. None of those include anyone that has participated in any activity that was meant to harm other people. These people are evil and should all die. Not be treated as victims for the choices they made to get involved in these groups that seek to kill innocent people.

Dear's time to grow up!

I can certainly understand the refusal to patronize an establishment that supports causes you are against. That's your right as a citizen of our great country. What I cannot fathom is these folks that claim they live in "fear" and become triggered when one of these establishments moves into their neighborhood...or college, in this case.

If you can't even handle an establishment near you that have different beliefs than you, you're in serious trouble. 

If you continue to scream about wanting equal rights and freedom of speech, yet you fight to silent those that disagree with your are a fascist.

If you cannot accept the beliefs of others yet demand that everyone accept are an intolerant bigot and what is wrong with this world.

Schools are making our youth completely unprepared for the real world. Life isn't fair. It's hard. You don't always get what you want. You must follow rules, whether you like them or not. There will also be people that don't like you, for one reason or another. GET OVER IT!

It's time to grow up and accept that you are not entitled to anything. The world doesn't owe you anything. Your degree doesn't mean you will get your dream job right out of college. You may never get your dream job. Too bad. Find a job, make a living, be a decent person, respect others and raise your family.

Those of us that grew up learning that you have to earn what you have and work hard to get, and keep, it are sick of you whiny assholes. Get a job, get a life, shut the hell up about how oppressed you are. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Boston University Professor Teaching Hatred?

So, this Boston University professor has taken to twitter to tell the world that the problems of the school are caused by white people.
Her tweets make it clear to me that she has no business being in a position with influence over the minds of students. She should never be allowed to teach anywhere with her hate mongering attitude.
This is what is wrong with America. Too many liberal professors forcing their opinions on our kids who are, quite frankly, not yet smart enough to form their own intelligent thoughts.
And, yes, I know these are college kids. I stand by my statement. Most are not smart enough to be on their own yet due to the horrendous job being done by the public schools in parts of the country.

Taste the rainbow...who didn't see that coming?

So, Skittles, which is a rainbow candy by default, thought making an all white version would be a good idea. Now, many fruit candy makers have made single colored versions of their candy in the past but I have to wonder and the thought process behind this marketing scheme. They made an all white version to pride?

That's an effort to support to LGTB (or whatever the acronym is now) folks, they created a limited edition package that are all white. The world is having a field day with this (clearly) racist display by a company whose product supports "the cause" on a daily basis by default.

I'm guessing the outcome would have been the same regardless of the color chosen, since we are a world full of perpetually offended pansies that want nothing more than to find something offensive in every aspect of life.

Red?  Nope, that would be offensive to native americans.
Yellow? Nope, the asians would be pissed.
Black? Um, are you fucking kidding me?
Pink? I'm sure all the feminists would accuse them of appropriating their pussy hat culture.
Green? Maybe, but the aliens in their UFO's would be down here protesting that one.

Sorry skittles...your intentions were good but that doesn't matter to the easily offended that make up so much of our population these days. I'd be happy to test out those all white versions for you, if you'd like to send me some free coupons or samples. I'm not a bigot when it comes to my candy...sweet and sugary is all I need...I'm color blind!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Give the guy a chance

I am so sick of the "tolerant" liberals that cannot get it through their heads that Trump is going to be president. Anyone that dares to even speak with him, in an effort to improve relations in the country, is deemed a traitor. The problem with our country now is these anti-Trump folks that just can't move on.

Plenty of us were not happy when Obama was elected, twice. We lived through it. You'll survive Trump. Let's all grow up and stop acting like we're under communist law. All of the "facts" that are being passed around as gospel are no such thing but the libs have grabbed hold of them and won't let go.

His planned trip to the african american history museum is deemed a publicity stunt and his meeting with Steve Harvey was a photo op. Ok, let's just ignore all the black folks he dealt with way before he ever had any plans to run for president. Let's ignore the fact that he bought a white's only country club in Florida and changed the rules to allow all races.

Let's forget all that and focus on his criticism of Obama and the way he ran his presidency. I believe Hillary did the same damn thing when she ran against him. But, it's ok for her to do it because she's part of the same party, right?

Liberals will be the death of this country and all it stands for. They will kill us with political correctness. They will destroy morality, common sense and common decency. They continue to divide us by throwing around the race card at every turn. It has to stop.

I'd love to move all the conservatives to another country and leave the liberals here to kill each other off. It would be an amazing reality show to watch from afar.