Saturday, October 31, 2015

Racism, the equal opportunity hater

I'm so tired of hearing that "black people can't be racist". I'm even more sick of being lumped into the "white racist" category because of so called "white privilege". If someone could let me know when that's supposed to kick in, I'd appreciate it.

The definition of racism involves the belief that one race is superior to another. Don't even try to tell me there aren't people of all races that feel this way. Every time I read articles like this I get frustrated by the fact that people are so blind to what is going on around them every day.

It's race appropriation if I cornrow my hair but it's not for a woman of color to change her hair & eyes to look more like a caucasian woman? Why must we segregate everything into a racial category? The whole point of this melting pot we live in is to share cultures & such. To be open to the ways of others & accepting of the fact that we are all different.

Racism is the matter what color your skin is. It can be directed at us all. How about we channel all this misdirected anger into learning, and practicing, acceptance?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who is Ben Fields?

There have been many mixed reactions to this incident so it's hard to say what the true nature of this officer is. He's been awarded for his exemplary work but also has been sued for his actions while on duty. Let's take a look at these instances and see what we think.

A previous lawsuit said the officer was aggressive, lewd and out of control when he was questioning 2 people a few years ago. They claimed to have video of the incident but were unable to prove the use of excessive force in a court of law.

There is a current case pending that says he reported a student as being part of a gang, which the student denies. However, the student did say he was present during a fight that "was an attempt to unite three separate gangs at the school". Sounds like gang activity to me. If you aren't part of any of those gangs, why would you be anywhere near this type of meeting?

I don't know this school district or the area but based on these situations, it seems like the kids are a bit more on the "hard edged" side. They've lived through harder times than those that might go to school in the suburbs and may be jaded against people in authority. Unfortunately, that behavior is taught at home...or by their friends if there aren't any adult figures available to teach them at home.

Until we resolve the issue with kids feeling like they can do whatever they want without consequences, we will never stop this cycle of disrespect and violence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It may be an entitlement problem, not a racist cop problem

So, a white cop got physical with a black student and it's immediately deemed a racially motivated incident. Based on some of the reports about this officer's background, I'm more inclined to believe he's just a jerk, in general.

That troubling information aside, why is nobody concerned about why this started to begin with? This teenager refused to do as instructed by a teacher and the vice principal.

Then refused to cooperate with the officer when he asked her to leave the room. What did she expect? That they'd just give up because she was being a little brat and refusing to follow instructions?

If you don't respect others, especially your teachers, you deserve what you get.

It's very disturbing to me that so many people are completely ignoring the fact that this punk ass teenager lacks any respect for authority and is a complete asshole. Another member of the entitlement generation that feels they can do whatever they want.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's not about gun control

I may sound like that insensitive prick that has no compassion after a tragic event. That's simply not true but I'm sick and tired of gun grabbers immediately turning these events into a call for more gun control.

I have no problem with background checks and such to ensure that's guns don't wind up in the hands of unstable folks. However, I'm not on board with some of the suggestions of these folks that are so afraid of guns that they think nobody should have them.

Criminals break laws. No amount of restrictions are going to stop bad guys from getting guns and creating havoc. All you'll do by outlawing guns is prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves when confronted with these lunatics.

You'll notice that nearly every mass shooting occurs in a "Gun Free Zone". Why do you suppose that is? Because criminals know there's nobody there to stop them before they cause a large amount of devastation. Putting up these signs is nothing more than an advertisement for the nut cases to attack.

What we need to fix is the people problem that has become apparent during the last 10-15 years. People have no respect for others or themselves. They believe life is disposable & care nothing for the feelings or needs of others.

Until we fix the people, the violence will continue.