Thursday, July 30, 2015

No, this doesn't make you racist

5 women died while in 5 different jails this week. I guess that makes all cops racist, right? No, I'm gonna have to call B.S. on that one.

It's no surprise that nearly every interaction with the police has been spun to be some sort of racial issue. What I just can't get past is why almost all of these people resisted or failed to cooperate.

In many cases, it started as a simple traffic stop. Why the hell did you argue, fight back and/or try to run? Take the warning/ticket, keep your mouth shut and move on. It's not a difficult concept. Thousands of people do it every day.

Now they want to create some trend from 5 black women that died in jail this month. 1 had health problems. 1 committed suicide. A 3rd potentially committed suicide. That leaves 2 more that could be considered questionable. How is that supposed to convince me that all cops are racist?

Just doesn't make sense. You know what does make sense? Not breaking the law. Staying out of jail. Staying alive!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don't kill the messenger

So, anti abortion groups did an undercover investigation to catch the planned parenthood folks in the act of selling aborted body parts and this lady wants to investigate the group that made the recording for possible broken laws?

Um, how about you spend that time and energy on prosecuting the PP folks that admitted to their heinous actions on video? We've lost focus on the real problem here.

Arguing gun control

What concerns me about stories like this is that they are almost an argument FOR more tracking and gun control. Think about it. The author repeatedly mentions how the current system doesn't have access to enough information to detect that the applicant is lying. What would be the obvious solution to this problem? More tracking & databases of health/mental issues and gun owners in general.

So, the Louisiana theater shooter lied on his handgun purchase application. Should we be surprised? I can honestly say that it's almost too easy to buy a gun these days (in some states).

I can go into a store and walk out with any gun (that I can afford) within 30 minutes with no hassle or suspicion at all. No waiting period in my home state and a very short form to complete. What if I lie on the form about my history? Would they catch it? How could they detect a lie about mental health when that information is protected as confidential?

While I don't want my personal health history made public, I don't have a problem with a database that includes items like this to check when someone wants to buy a gun.

I know that makes me a traitor to many 2A supporters but I cannot agree with blindly allowing anyone to buy a gun as their "right". Unfortunately, times have changed and we have to adapt to keep ourselves safe...from each other.

It's not a black's a white behavior problem

@Spacekatgal: All white people should read hashtag #IfIDieInPoliceCustody - it's shocking. This isn't a black problem, it's a white behavior problem.

Are you freaking serious?

Maybe I'm missing the point but how is it the fault of all white people that (some) black people feel like the cops are out to get them? A good number of the "brutality" stories I've read involve people that have been involved in criminal actions or they pulled an attitude with the cops when they were stopped.

You wouldn't tolerate someone coming into your place of employment acting like that, the cops shouldn't be expected to deal with that crap either. Cooperate when an officer stops you. They are doing their job. They have to be extra suspicious to avoid letting potential criminals stay on the street.

Unfortunately, there will be profiling based on the area they patrol, their experience, etc. In some areas the most suspicious people might be black men. In others, it could be white women. It all depends on what activities occur in that area.

Not all cops are out to get you. Some may be. Some may be racist but disrespecting them and acting like a complete ass won't get you ahead and will only make the cops more suspicious and angry.

How to Not Get Arrested
1. Don't break the law
2. Cooperate with law enforcement
3. Don't behave like an ass

Sunday, July 12, 2015

If you hate it here so much...LEAVE!

It disgusts me that this desecration of the flag has become such a "trendy" things these days. Who are these people? And who are the thousands of people supporting this horrendous behavior and putting these vile creatures on a pedestal?

If you hate the US so much, why don't you just leave? There are plenty of other places that would gladly accept your distasteful ways. We are sick of seeing it here.

Desecration of the flag is shameful!