Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not sure this is the right thing...

I've completed day 2 of the paper delivery gig and I'm just not sure. While it seems fine now, I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to keep up with a 1:30am daily wake up when I still have to work til 5pm and then make time for Josh too. He's been good about it so far but I'm already feeling really worn down. Maybe I'll get used to it after a few more days. Tomorrow will be the first day I have to do both jobs on the same day so that may be the ultimate test.

Right now, I've got the current guy with me to tell me where houses are so I don't miss anything but it's really hard to keep track of which houses get papers when you are focusing all your attention on trying to find the #'s that are nearly invisible on the buildings. Not to mention that the current carrier doesn't follow the schedule that was created by C&P so we're not going the route that I would normally take...until I get used to it.

Really would like to just be able to go on my own so I can figure it out in my own head....oh, and get paid for it, since I don't get paid til I take over the route on my own.

What really concerns me is the wear on my car and the amount of gas that I'm going to use up. Just during the trip this morning I used about 1/4 tank of gas so if I have to do this every day, it may not even pay to do a route for only $600+ a month. I guess we'll see and if it puts me in the hole I'm going to have to either get a smaller car or quit.

I'm conflicted because I don't think I'll be able to find anything else that works around my current work schedule like this. Just not sure what is right and I'm tired of making decisions that turn out to be wrong in the long run.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Making ends meet

For various reasons, in & out of my control, I'm super overextended with my finances. Tomorrow at 2am I'm going to start training for a 2nd job delivering papers. It's not a ton more money but the routes that pay more go to the tenured folks so I've got to start somewhere.

In addition, it's about the only thing that works around my full time job and doesn't take me away from my son during his evening hours. Hopefully, I can do this in the early morning before he's awake and still have evenings free to spend with him.

Problem could be sleep. If I don't go to bed til 9 or 10 like usual and have to pick up papers at 2am I'm getting very little sleep. Hope I can do it!

Still want to be able to hit the gym in the mornings so I hope I can get fast at the route in a short matter of time and get it all done quickly.